We understood the medium, then we changed it.

The UViolet™ collection is a captivating explosion of light and color, where the most unimaginable objects are turned into canvases. UViolet™ originated from the idea of mixing Ruben Alvarez unique artistic view with his passion, automotive photography. The project started as a collaboration with Toni López from Retoka, but since has evolved into a brand in itself with a distinctive style.

Every UViolet™ drop is a transcendent experience, often transforming humble objects into unique works of art, striving to engage the viewer in an unexpected way.

Some images within the collection are available to be licensed. In case you are interested in acquiring them as limited prints or NFTs contact us via email.

Photographer, Art Director, Retouch Artist.

Toni López

Collaborator (Retouch Artist)